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Analyzing and evaluating evidence

In aid of my new venture, I needed a concise and accessible summary of how to assess the quality of evidence used in argumentation. Every now and again the Internet actually does grant wishes like some kind of magical knowledge genie. One Davis Oldham at Shoreline Community College in Washington has prepared for English 101 & 102 classes exactly what I was looking for.

I’m sharing that article on evidence in part for your own convenience, should such a thing be a handy resource for you, and in part to help keep me on the straight and narrow. As I proceed with “the project,” I need a methodology and this should serve as a framework quite nicely. As well, it’ll serve as a benchmark for you, dear reader, to whip and scold me back into line when I fail to apply the simple and elegant principles outlined therein.

Added bonus, I wracked my brains earlier trying to remember this next tool. Imagine my embarrassment at all that wracking when I finally stumbled on it. As a name, WebCite could hardly be more amenable to memory, no? So yeah, if you’re looking for a handy way to both archive and cite an online source so that it doesn’t just up and disappear, especially as news articles are prone to do, link breaking bastards that they are, WebCite¬†might be just the tool for you as well.