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Carson, Carson, Carson. What are you thinking?

Please make sense once. Just once.

ICMYI: Mint Press News (9/28/2015) – Ben Carson Considers Religion As Probable Cause For Searches

And if you can’t make sense, would you at least leave our 4th amendment rights alone?

Seriously, the irony is rich with this one.

““What we should be talking about is Islam and the tenets of Islam and where do they come from? They come from Sharia. They come from the Koran,” he told host Martha Raddatz. “They come from, you know, the life works and examples of Muhammad. They come from the fatwas, which is the writings of scholars. You know, and if you go back and you look at — what I would like for somebody to show me is an improved Islamic text that opposes Sharia.”

“If you can show me that, I will begin to alter my thinking on this,” he said. “But, right now, when you have something that is against the rights of women, against the rights of gays, subjugates other religions and a host of things that are not compatible with our Constitution, why in fact would you take that chance?””

a) Maybe he should focus more on the improved Old Testament text that teaches love. I think that one was cleverly called the New Testament. Maybe he missed it or he’s waiting for the sequel for even more clarification?

b) That second paragraph up there, what? Is he completely unaware of which party he’s trying to win the nomination from? Why, indeed, Benny? Why, indeed?


Why Gov. Pence bothers me more than the so-called “religious freedoms” law

“Texas and Missouri specifically protect civil rights laws in their state RFRAs.  Why can’t Indiana?”

That’s from The clash of “religious freedom” and civil rights in Indiana. And it cuts right to what really bugs me about Gov. Pence and Indiana’s putatively “religious freedom” act. (more…)

Goodbye, Facebook. Supporting anti-gay marriage, anti-human rights candidate was finally too much.

After all Facebook has done, there’s only so much a person can take.

And kittehs. Can’t forget about the kittehs.

By now, anyone who has been paying attention is well aware of Facebook’s general user-unfriendly shenanigans, with the possible exception of Facebook’s support for net neutrality, to say nothing of all the minor aggravations users put up with on a daily basis…continually refreshing advertisements, live video popping up in the news feed, a news feed that doesn’t show you everything you mean to see, a newsfeed that occasionally reverts to Top Stories in spite of your every wish and command. Oh, but hey, there’s kittehs!

What kind of user-unfriendly shenanigans, one might wonder?


Glenn Beck might be available for your call. Don’t delay. Dial now.*

Is there a word for espousing the practice of fine points of faith while breaking with the key themes?


I realize my views on the following topic may well be considered heretical. I’m okay with that. The folks most likely to believe that about what I think and say hold views I’m likely to find heretical. I do hope you’ll pardon me for chiming in. I’m willing to bet I’m at least as qualified to weigh in on matters of faith as Glenn Beck is, so I see this as entirely fair game.

Recently, Raw Story posted the following:

MA mayor: City to donate $5 for every angry, anti-LGBT caller Glenn Beck sends after us

If one had to guess, in a general way, the religion of the people who hate LGBT people, or at the very least, express anger to and about them, what would it be in the good ol’ US of A? In other countries, other religions might fit the bill just as easily, but I’m talking about here. (more…)

Presbyterians approve same-sex church weddings. Will other denominations follow? @ Queerty

Presbyterians approve same-sex church weddings. Will other denominations follow?

Here’s some good news on the religion and marriage equality front. I can only hope that eventually the more regressive Christian factions will finally get the message, not about marriage equality necessarily, but about separation of church and state.  You want a “Christian” nation? Well, which Christian? Do you really want Uncle Sam deciding who the right and real True Christians are? Is that the appropriate role for small government? Besides, if government does things so poorly you oppose it as a knee-jerk reaction, why would you trust that decision to it?


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Same old, same old: Rick Santorum at March for Marriage 2014 @ YouTube

Rick Santorum at March for Marriage 2014

Surprising nobody, Santorum continues to toe the ideological line on marriage and try to move that line farther and farther back. To those like myself who hear jibber jabber when his lips move, it’s more of the same. I’d love to believe he’s just cynically pandering, but my gut says he actually believes his own BS. The problem I see there is that if he and his sort want to protect the sanctity of marriage, I would fully expect to see a) a hard press to eliminate divorce, to criminalize infidelity, and to protect married women from domestic violence and spousal rape, and b) a move to get government out of the business of acknowledging religious ritual as some form of official pronouncement.

To the extent that government affords special financial recognition based on participation in religious rituals, government oversteps its bounds. Let churches discriminate as they will, but strip the state perks and bennies associated with church recognition of a couple’s (or individual’s) status in the church.  Let those perks and bennies be based solely on the filing of state forms, without discrimination. Uncle Sam really couldn’t care less about the romance Santorum goes on about. It’s really none of government’s business. For government, it should be about such formalities as tax brackets, the power to nudge “families” to procreate according to population needs, and tidy estates.


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Comments on this blog are disabled.  If you find this article noteworthy for any reason, I encourage you to share it widely (with attribution, naturally) and help spread the conversation away from the narrow confines of one tiny blog. Thank you.


50 shades of grotesquerie: a snapshot of America, ft. Crowpocalypse

NASA's Earth Observatory: Where the trees areIf one looks hard enough, one can find something downright awful, or at least perniciously absurd, across this great land of ours, from sea to shining sea. To tell you the truth, the cynic in me is a bit disappointed to discover how difficult it can be to find a rotten apple in every barrel. The good news is that there are some states where it is a real stretch to come up with something suitable for this list of light reads. It seems some states, at least for the week of news I scanned, just suck less when it comes to pervasive wrongdoing, or even just high mischief. For some states, it was a choice of which horrible headline to pick.  For Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming it was a challenge to find even one. One week of news makes for poor sampling, but I think it’s an interesting snapshot nonetheless. (more…)