About the author: Frank Balsinger

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A native of Richmond, VA, Frank Balsinger was raised in a small burb just outside New Orleans and spent most of his adult life there. Not one to stay put in any one place for long, he’s also lived in Georgia, California, Virginia, Maryland, Montana and New Zealand.

While his academic credentials are a touch light (an incomplete Bachelor’s education in your choice of biology, fine arts, or psychology) he has lived his life in pursuit of the Rogue Scholar dream. Work, romance, finances and life in the counterculture of a renowned party town may have left him short one diploma but have afforded him the opportunity to work (in an administrative capacity) in a great variety of fields including electron microscopy, internal medicine, medical education, deep sea oil exploration, fundraising, industrial real estate, mining, national memorial construction, intellectual property law, antiquarian book sales and online auctions, and nursing education. This wide variety of generally progressively responsible positions has afforded him the unique opportunity to learn about the sausage-making in disparate industries, meet with the occasional mover and shaker, and discover commonalities amongst the various personalities and business models in which he has been immersed.

His personal interests include, but are not limited to, current affairs and politics, religious extremism in the US, comparative religions and mythology, ancient history and literature, magick (so-called and unafilliated), horror films, music in general (goth/industrial/EBM in particular). He continues to learn guitar, piano and Middle Eastern percussion, albeit at a very slow pace. With all the free time that affords, he still splashes acrylics on canvas now and again and takes the occasional crack at mixed-media sculpture. As well, he occasionally shares his countless opinions, with or without an audience.


2 thoughts on “About the author: Frank Balsinger

  1. HI Frank, Thanks for your article about the cocoa. I am the director for slavefreechocolate.org and have been an activist on this issue since I found out about it in 2007. Not being a lawyer I find the court ruling hard to understand but you have a better grasp of it. I am intending to try and get as much attention on this ruling but I am in need of some clarification. Is there anyway that you might have time to aid me a little bit? Either by phone or email would be awesome. Warmly, Ayn


    1. Hi Ayn,

      First, thank you for following your conscience and taking action on this issue the way you have. It’s people like you, working in the front lines of the issues, that move us forward! I’m no attorney myself, so I’m hardly qualified to weigh in from a legal perspective. If there’s some clarification I can offer, I’m happy to help. I can be reached at arsskeptica @ gmail.com.

      Meanwhile, I’m not sure if this will be a useful resource given the nature of the matter, but there may be a free legal opinion available from the Avvo website: http://www.avvo.com/free-legal-advice

      Best regards,



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