A word to our some of our putatively Christian fellow Americans

The Gospels are clear. So are reactionary intentions.

If you think Muslims and the Koran are scary, you should check out the Old Testament sometime. It wouldn’t make someone else’s religion less scary, but it might put things in perspective. Western Judeo-Christian tradition is far older with a much bloodier history.

Kill people who aren’t like us: check.
Kill our own for what looks like small errors: check.
Child marriage: check.
Marital rape: check.
Women as chattel: check.

I’m not bashing the Old Testament. There’s lots of good to be found in it. Hope when all seems lost. Loyalty. Courage. But one can’t just see those good points and just stick their fingers in their ears and pretend the rest isn’t there.

Worse, while we have opinion shapers in this country trying their damndest (see what I did there) to inspire fear and hate of people who aren’t “like us,” they absolutely do not want you to remember that in the New Testament, the Christian god made flesh, Jesus, not his human successor Peter, not the apostle Paul, Jesus expressly said to love your enemies.

So who are you going to pay more attention to? Some jerk on the Internet or the TV, or one of the most important parts of the New Testament?

And if you can get past the discomfort of wrestling with this, stop and think…if someone is absolutely and expressly trying to get you to personally act contrary to your professed faith (not just issue certificates or sell cakes and pizza to people you don’t like, but actually get gay married yourself, for instance, that’s what I mean by personally acting contrary), if someone is trying to get you to do anything other than love, who is inspiring them?


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