Month: November 2014

Possibly one of the best headlines ever

The story itself isn’t off the mark, either.

CNN Was the Human Centipede of Journalism Last Night


Ferguson grand jury: no indictment, but was that a foregone conclusion?

We may or may not ever get to see “all the evidence,” but that the grand jury did is itself an issue

As I’ve noted before, if I’m not privy to the evidence, and you’re not privy to the evidence, at this time all we have is speculation and opinion, perhaps reinforced by deeply ingrained biases one way or the other. That still leaves a valid question, and ThinkProgress tackles that question.

Was this grand jury handled in the usual manner, and, if not, why the irregularities? Take 11 minutes of your time, watch the statements of the two attorneys addressing this matter, and if you’re still not sure where you fall on this issue, ask yourself…how would you have wanted the grand jury to be handled if you were facing the possibility of charges? Do you see any conflict of interest here? Were it you, if you don’t happen to be wealthy or politically connected, do you at least have the interests of the establishment to back you up such that you get the kind of special treatment Darren Wilson got? If not, is this how you think justice functions, one way for those without the resources, and another for those that do?


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As I look through the windshield, I glance frequently in the rearview

On that note, here’s a word on Epicurus:

The Epicurean roots of some classical liberal and Misesian concepts

You  might note from the stress on “classical” liberal and it’s juxtaposition to Mises that this will be from libertarian perspective. If you’re not already familiar with the connections, you  may be in for a shock.

[(Ferguson * Occupy) + police brutality]/Obama

One of these things is not like the other

In a Sunday interview, President Obama defended his recent controversial executive order that shields some, but not all, illegal immigrants from deportation. The president also fielded questions about other issues during the interview. Regarding the tensions in Ferguson in anticipation of the grand jury’s indictment decision, he had this to say: (more…)

Warren on Obama’s appointees, paraphrased: “They suck.”

Smirking Chimp has an excellent piece up on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s disappointment with the quality of President Obama’s appointees. As Richard Eskow put it, “Thank God somebody’s finally saying it, in a voice loud enough to be heard.”

Warren’s characterizations of the appointees, their previous roles, and the general situation are peppered with phrases like, “enough is enough,” “slimy tax loophole,” and “infestation.” The latest pick, the one earning the “slimy tax loophole” comment, is Obama’s recent pick of yet another Wall Street carrion-feeder to watch over our American Dream Roadkill, and this one is rife with the kind of sick irony we’ve come to expect from down here in the trenches. Who better for a domestic finance policy position at Treasury than yet another banker, and this one with greater expertise in foreign finance, especially of the form that helps our businesses here relocate “over there” to avoid taxes.

The quality of Obama’s appointees has run counter to the wishes of the base that mobilized to put him and keep him in office for a long time now. The only useful function I see them serving is the one I noted last year: bellwethers of the president’s actual political leanings. What a funny bunch of choices for a raging socialist/communist/[insert other misunderstood word here] to make. Looking back, the only characterization in my old post I’d change is the one for Shinseki, and that one hardly affects the overall assessment.

Now if only more journalistic platforms would beat this particular drum, as it’s an important point for all sides to consider. Make sure, as well as you can, that you know what birds your particular peacock will flock together with. Grill them in advance about characterizing the kinds of people and backgrounds they’ll be looking for to fill key positions once they’re in office, pay attention, and hold them to it. Make their phone banks all but useless and keep them flooded the very first time there’s a twitch in the wrong direction, and never let up. Because, boy howdy, those on the left who thought they were getting a leftist looking out for the little guy sure got screwed on that front.

Turns out those peacock feathers were glued on over his real ones…vulture.

House Intel Committee: new report exposes lies while pushing more

Next up: Issa to investigate House Intel Committee?

Associated Press reports, as seen here at Time, that the House Intelligence Committee has released a new report on the Benghazi tragedy. Or, as AP put it, “The House Intelligence Committee report was released with little fanfare on the Friday before Thanksgiving week.” Why might that be? What could possibly be in a Republican-led Intelligence Committee report about Benghazi that the GOP wouldn’t want plastered all over the place for everyone to see? Read on. Then get the report straight from the horse’s mouth. (more…)

What President Obama didn’t mention in his immigration address

There’s a sequence of 6 letters that appears nowhere in the transcript

President Obama finally addressed the nation today regarding the executive actions he’s taking in regard to our broken immigration system. If you’re looking for a strident pro or con piece, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a call to see him impeached, yeah, good luck with that. If you’re acting like this is the first time a sitting president has ever had the temerity to go it alone on the issue, maybe you might want to bone up on the administrations of Ronnie “Golf? I NAP! Reagan” and creepy ex-chief of the secret police George “I Threw Up on Helmut Kohl and All I Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt” Bush, the Elder. Even so, I’m here to throw our friends on the right a bone. (more…)