Right wing extremists in Israel may have the majority…

But if this is how its maintained, how legitimate is it?

From Common Dreams:

In midst of war, Israel clamps down on internal dissent

The past month has also seen an escalation of ultra-nationalist mob attacks on anti-war protesters—including Israeli Jews. On July 12, a mob of right-wing counter-protesters descended on an anti-war protest in Tel Aviv. “When the sirens went off due to incoming rockets, the police ran away and right-wingers began attacking people,” said Matar. “Some were severely beaten.” He added that the attackers shouted ‘death to Arabs,’ as well as for the deaths of the protesters.

The attacks continued from there. “After each protest, when people were dispersing, they were followed in the street and beaten up in the alley or parking lot, and in one case a person got home and was attacked in stairway going to his house,” said Matar.

An anti-war protest in Haifa on July 19, organized by the socialist political alliance Hadash—the only joint Palestinian-Jewish party in Israel—was met with a massive counter protest that “formed a circle around where the demonstration took place,” said Matar. “People who got there late were beaten up for saying they were going. People were beaten up for being Arab. People were chased through the streets.” Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav joined in the incitement, declaring, “Haifa refuses to be a hotspot for protests and provocations. Anyone interested in protesting against the global situation of the Middle East should go elsewhere and to the halls of government, not in our city.”

Israeli writer Leanne Gale describes her experience as the target of anti-leftist sentiment infused with misogyny, including gendered insults and non-consensual physical touching and aggression that she personally experienced in Jerusalem, as well as run-ins with the group Lehava—which works to prevent ‘intermarriages’ between Jews and Palestinians.

“I have never been more conscious of my womanhood,” she writes. “I have never been more conscious of the intersection between being a left-wing activist and a woman. I have never been more conscious of what this means specifically in Israel.”


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