Democrat O’Malley takes rhetorical swing at Obama/Clinton on immigration

2016 is in the air. Weasel-word driven establishment mouthpieces positioning Hillary for the run, the weaseliest of the bunch, dishonestly twist O’Malley’s words.

At Raw Story: Possible presidential candidate O’Malley takes a swing at the White House on immigration

Remember, folks. If you vote for a known liar, you know exactly what you get. A known liar. It appears to be a popular conception that lies in politics are the norm, so we should just roll with what we’ve got. I couldn’t disagree more. I’d rather vote for either someone without an established track record of lies (not with any real optimism, mind you, but at least no track record), for nobody at all, or for the worst possible evil (instead of the lesser) in hopes of things being so screwed up that we, as a people, must do something to fix the situation. Lesser evils boil frogs slowly.

“I think that was a spin and a misrepresentation that some at the White House tried to put out in order to discredit the larger point that I was making,” O’Malley told Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos. “Look I don’t believe that congregate settings is what the law calls for, the law calls for placements in homes. And actually in Maryland we have more Central American children placed in safe home settings per capita than any other state in the union.”


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