Louie Gohmert: giving new meaning to ignorant fuckwit

Warning: I say some damned ugly things to highlight the damned ugly things in the world.

If people don’t want me putting the words of troglodytes in their mouths, they shouldn’t beat me to the punch.

From Raw Story: Louie Gohmert: Obama won’t ‘defend women’ from ‘hundreds of thousands’ of immigrant rapists

I think the last time we had this kind of racial rape fear mongering, it was about the darkies, wasn’t it? And I suppose naturalized citizens must rape less because paperwork? And natural born Americans even less or not at all because? Nope. I just cannot trick my brain to work like that. I’m waiting for him to discover phosphenes and declare them UFO’s or MusliMex terrorist communicades or something.

As per usual, yes, immigration is fux0red. Needs fixing. But puts our continued existence at risk? 300+ million versus how many? And that’s all it will take to water down our precious what, exactly, out of existence? And for that matter, just where did Louie Gohmert’s (or yours, or my) first generation immigrant families come from? I’m a Euromutt, myself, and fairly certain my ancestors made it here during that long, long wave of “open” immigration. You know, back when it was the in thing to just hate on those stupid WOPs and mics and the kikes, can’t forget the kikes, and the krauts and, oh hell, you get the point. We clearly ran out of good, decent European stock to hate on. Now that they dropped their anchor babies (don’t exist, btw) ages ago, we’re cool and it’s the new wave we need to worry about.

I wonder what this same conversation will look like 100 years from now when the friggin beaners are now in the accepted class and we’re all worried about those f’in pakis taking over 10,000 cab drivers at a time. 100 years later, then the pakis will be cool, and who can we hate on then? Plan early, plan often. Make sure your kids are prepared to hate someone, dammit, cuz there absolutely must be someone, right?


Image credit: Jeff Golden @ flikr.com. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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