If corporations are people, what about the 4th amendment?

From Moyers & Company: 10 Supreme Court Rulings — Before ‘Hobby Lobby’ — That Turned Corporations Into People

Here’s a head-scratcher:

“The Future: If a corporation has First Amendment rights, could it also claim Second Amendment protections? Amazingly, this is a question some scholars are seriously pondering. As Darrell A.H. Miller wrote in his 2011 article Guns, Inc. in the NYU Law Review, “If Citizens United is taken seriously, the Second Amendment, like the First Amendment and like many other provisions of the Bill of Rights, guarantees liberties to natural and corporate persons alike.” Bang!”

Forget corporations and 2A. What about corporations and 4A? To what extent might they press to no longer be required to reveal anything to the public unless there is first probable cause for that information to be subpoenaed? No more publicly-available quarterly filings, no more transparency on which to base investment decisions. Heaven help us if they seek that kind of opacity.

That, to me, is a far graver threat.


Image credit: Cory M. Grenier @ flikr.com. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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