I may be amenable to correction, but MSM doesn’t seem to be

From PunditFact: Introducing: Scorecards for the TV networks

If you watch the news on TV for the same reason I watch reruns before bed (background noise, vague amusement) more power to you! If you’re watching MSNBC, NBC, or Fox in particular and use that programming as information, you might wish to reconsider, unless perhaps you prefer disinformation and lies about the important events of the day.

Me? My habits might not be much better, but I try and I share, however aggravating that is.  I’d guess about 1/3 of my news comes from Facebook, a bit from my newsreader (hundreds of sources, too many to keep up with, so really random and scattershot), and the rest from (usually) looking up items of interest for some measure of fact-checking and perspective. Sometimes I screw up. I try to remember to post a correction when that happens.

If you see me being horribly wrong (or even just a little wrong) about something fact-related, by all means let me know. I hate being wrong and don’t mind correcting myself. If I’m wrong about an opinion? Let me know why. If more digging turns up facts that should change my mind, typically I change my mind. Well, I think I typically do that. I try. If I’m wrong as a matter of taste and style? Ask the folks who’ve known me since the 80’s…that’s probably not gonna change. I started out wrong like that. I think I just get worse with age 


Image credit: Kevan Davis @ flikr.com. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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