If you’re worried about Sharia in America, please think it through

I heard this through the grapevine.

The Internet is a big place. The vine is rotten here and there.

Radical Islamists are coming for your brains! Don’t wait. Write your congressman now urging him or her to eliminate the freedom of religion from the first amendment. We’ll have the entire GOP, all of the Dems, and ratification by 3/4 of the states in no time at all!

In all seriousness, and trolling in fun aside, some folks should be careful what they wish for. The only way this “jihad” will work in America is if Islam wins in the free marketplace of ideas. To prevent that, we’d need to start carving out exceptions in the first amendment…a process requiring amendment. Not only is that terribly unlikely, but if it did work, the outcomes would be worse than the fear driving them.

We should ask ourselves this, “do we want an oversized government that is alternately malicious and incompetent to decide which religion is the American one?” Easy, right? Yeah! Christianity!


We have so many denominations because there are significant differences in various points of theology. Do we really want Uncle Sam, or should that be Pope Sam or the Right Rev. Sam, becoming the official Inquisitor General, squashing bad Christianity and deciding who the State-Approved, Right, True, and American Christians are?

I guess we’ll need those FEMA camps for someone. We can put all the bad Christians, the Jews, the good Muslims, the bad Muslims, all the Buddhists, all the pagans, and especially those stinkin’ atheists there. Big government at its finest. Every citizen can take Right & True Christian loyalty oaths (never mind that bit in the NT where Jesus says don’t do that whole oath thing), and we can fund the whole operation by seizing all those heathen assets without due process! Not a tax in sight.


h/t to the Arlin Report/Mr. Luttrell for being a good sport. Whether we agree or disagree from issue to issue or point to point, he’s got the courage of his convictions and the strength to entertain differing views in a civil context. A rare and valuable trait, that.


Image credit: Humphrey King @ flikr.com. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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