Worthwhile reads: The Fermi paradox @ HuffPo’s Wait But Why blog

The Fermi paradox 

Here’s a provocative look at the silence of our night sky.  Where the hell is everyone? The answers are generally pretty bleak. Surprising nobody that knows me, I’m sure, I take a bit of issue with #7. We see on a daily basis what government is capable of, both at its best and at its worst.  How anyone could think that if there’s evidence the governments of the world wouldn’t cover it up for any of a host of possible reasons is beyond me. I’m not suggesting that is what happened. I just leave it entirely within the realm of the probable. The only other thing I’d add is that if one were to reduce every figure by an order of magnitude, the implications remain tremendous.


Image credit: Prosopee @ Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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