21st Century: now with hot and cold running Pat Robertson

Once upon a time, I would have wagered that if Pat Robertson said it, I’d disagree.  Yeah, yeah, classic ad hominem.  But, Pat Robertson! Really! How unlikely would that be?

After all…

Pat Robertson says don’t ‘bust’ Dad if he pulls a gun on Mom

Then this happens:

Pat Robertson unloads on Bush for latest Iraq crisis: ‘We were sold a bill of goods!”

Wait, can this be the same Pat Robertson? After all, this wasn’t that long ago…

Pat Robertson claims air pollution doesn’t trigger asthma, which he can heal

Or that this happened:

Pat Robertson says husbands who do dishes should be rewarded by their wives with sex

Then again, he actually made it to half-right with this stunner just last year, which, for him, was pretty remarkable:

Pat Robertson: God approves of sex changes but homosexuality should be a mental illnessess

How am I supposed to navigate my days when I can no longer be sure in advance that Pat Robertson is going to be wrong? Is nothing sacred?

Creationism: a house divided?

I guess not.

Next thing you know, I’ll be agreeing with Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck admits liberals ‘were right’ on Iraq War


Image credit: Ian Mackenzie @ flikr.com. Licensed under Creative Commons.