London’s Tower Melts Cars, Fries Eggs.


A London journalist saved a bit on his gas bill when he successfully used the city’s newest public fryer—a skyscraper under construction at 20 Fenchurch Street—to cook his eggs. James Waterson, who first reported on the hot sun rays reflected off the tower, took to the street armed with eggs and a pan, nearly a week after a man said the reflected light from the “Walkie Talkie” tower had melted the exterior of his parked Jaguar.

“I was able to get a frying pan up to heat as quickly as you would on a hob and then fry an egg, which I ate for my lunch,” Waterson told NBC News.

The building’s developers say that the sun’s elevation in the sky over the next two to three weeks may cause the magnified reflected rays about 2 hours each day. They are investigating the phenomenon and have erected a temporary scaffolding to…

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