It’s SchadenFriday: Vatican gets punked on VSEL’s

Whatever good The Church(TM) has managed to do over the years, and aside from skeptics’ observations that no good done by religion absolutely requires religion to be done, it’s a simple statement of fact that the Vatican has a sorry legacy when it comes to supporting science.  This week, NBC news contributor Arthur Caplan, Ph.D. highlights an uncomfortable reality:  when the church does support something that looks like science, it has more to do with orthodox wishful thinking and less to do with, you know, science.

With four studies in, to date, that cannot replicate the original “science,” it might be nice to wish for VSEL research to be substantiated, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Image credit: Rodriguez-Porcel, M., Wu, J.C., and Gambhir, S.S.  Licensed under Creative Commons.