It’s SchadenFriday: Weiner not getting a rise in polls & that poor pepper spray cop

Hot dog!

I love to talk about my famous weiner.

That is what you’d truly like to see.
And if I run for office as a Weiner,
C’mon, everybody! You know the words.  Second verse, same as the first.  Could get better, but it’s gonna get worse.
Let’s see…
Upbraided by Pelosi with, “needs to get a clue.”  Check.
Pelosi, it should be noted, knows a thing or three about getting a clue.  She has, after all, been part of the huge Dem/GOP drive to erode your privacy rights for a very long time.  She gets clues.
Oh, yeah, and Pepper Spray Cop is back in the news.  Won’t somebody please shed a tear (he didn’t cause by spraying)?
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