Month: June 2013

I have a deficit-slashing budget proposal

I apologize in advance if someone else has already proposed it.  I assume from the lack of news about it that, if it has been proposed, it certainly didn’t get very far.

I propose that we put a cap on federal spending in one specific regard.  I propose that we cap the amount of money the federal government remits to any given state at the amount that state contributed to the federal coffers in the previous fiscal year.  For that matter, I think when Sen. Coburn insisted on cuts elsewhere before he’d support federal relief funds for his own state, he merely forgot to suggest that those cuts should be limited to Oklahoma.  I would just love to see the GOP falling all over itself to argue that it is a horrible, awful, even bad, thing to suggest states should not contribute to the deficit by being a drain on the producer states.

I think I’ll hold my breath waiting for a Democrat to propose this sweeping new, and decisively conservative, federal spending reform.


Image credit: public domain, courtesy of pixabay.