Your humble author on the political compass. Where are you?

CompassAccording to the Political Compass, I am as left as Gandhi, more than the Dalai Lama, and nearly as left as Stalin, but a bit more libertarian/anarchist than Gandhi and far more than Stalin.

How did I stack up against our 2012 presidential candidates?  Of note, Romney and Obama are nearly indistinguishable(!), far to the right of Hitler but only about as fascist as Thatcher.  By this measure, I’m much more libertarian than Rocky Anderson and far to the left of Jill Stein.  No wonder I feel abandoned by both the GOP and the Democratic Party and felt split between Stein and Anderson, but with cool equivocation.

I should probably give up any dreams of retiring in the EU, for that matter.

Where do you stand?  Take the test and find out (link to the test is at the bottom of this intro page).  Are you surprised? Do you agree with the results?

And now to burst a few bubbles


Image credit: Photo by Walt Stoneburner, licensed under Creative Commons.


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