Interview with Chris Hedges re Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt at AlterNet

Chris Hedges Explains How Entire Regions Within the US Are Treated Like Exploited Colonies

If they [sic] rest of us don’t wake up, and begin to resist, the forces that carried out these assaults within these internal colonies, or these sacrifice zones, since they have now been unleashed on the rest of us, we will of course replicate what happened in Biblical terms to our “neighbor.” There has been a failure on the part of the Left in this country to stand up to the assault carried out by both the Democrats, and Republicans. Of course, Clinton was one of the worst: he destroyed the welfare system, which under the original welfare system, 70% of the recipients were children; NAFTA, of course, 1994, the greatest betrayal of working class people in this country since the Taft-Hartley Act of 1948, which makes it difficult to organize. You know, the Left, or the Liberal-Class, sort of busied itself with the boutique activism of multiculturalism and gender politics–all of which I support–but forgot about the primacy of justice. And because of that, what’s happened to our “under-classes,” is now happening to the middle-class.

Is there any truth to the argument Hedge’s makes at the end of the interview?

Remember, King kept saying that there would be no racial justice if there is not economic justice. And that is where the white liberals walked out on him. They were willing to support legal mechanisms by which African Americans were theoretically granted equality before the law. But economic justice was something totally different.