Gerrymandering: government of, for, and by whom, exactly?

The Secret of How the GOP Has a Lock on the House for the Foreseeable Future
Bill Berkowitz, December 29, 2012

Perhaps no other state was transformed as much as North Carolina. As ProPublica detailed, dark money groups affiliated with longtime Republican Party funder Art Pope, who ProPublica called “the most influential conservative donor in the state,” worked its magic. Not only did Pope donate heavily to the GOP’s redistricting project, he threw a bundle of cash into the re-election campaign of Justice Paul Newby, which ultimately guaranteed that the 4-3 GOP majority on the state Supreme Court would continue, virtually assuring that any challenge to redistricting would be rebuffed.

I’m sure partisan sentiments will fall along quite predictable lines, but this leaves me curious.  Does the GOP support gerrymandering only in the interest of power, or is there actually a rational case to be made for the social benefit of redistricting?  Is it really all about power?  Are the Dems only against it because, for now, it works against them?  Would they just as quickly seize on it as a strategy were they in a position to do so?