Syria: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Syria From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Luckily we have “fiscal cliff” to distract us from “gun control” today. Or is that the other way around on other days? I lose track. I’m sure “gun control” will be back in heavy rotation soon enough. I’ll still be radically pro-2nd amendment when it does, because tyranny. Why?Just look at how Syria plays out. Look who gets the official recognition. Look at what it took to get there. We are so fortunate that we don’t have the kind of oppressive government that actually triggers genuine armed insurrection. May we always be so fortunate. There are elements of both left and right ends of the usual political spectrum that think our government is heading in that kind of direction. So I don’t think either side should be especially comfortable with the prospect of an oppressive government led by the two parties of the 1%. Neither the role of oppressed nor oppressor sounds appealing.

And what keeps things civil? The 2nd amendment. The pantomime of “bipartisan government” is only effective as a peacekeeper so long as people remain content with this ruse. The 1% aren’t yet audacious enough to push either side too far. We have tremendous issues to address in this country, and finding a satisfactory compromise position between the left and right is essential to solving those problems, not least of which are poverty and gun violence. I fail to see any rationale for addressing these issues by imposing restrictions on a central American right.

And why would the 1% government hesitate? It has all the time in the world. The world is its counter-insurgency laboratory. To date, nothing short of massacre has ever successfully crushed a wide-spread uprising, and that only for a while. That’s not good for markets. If they ever do think they’ve got it figured out, we’d better hope there is a fierce response, else tyranny will indeed win. Seriously, imagine a state that could not be successfully opposed by its people. I don’t think we’re there yet. I hope we never have to face that risk as anything other than a horrible possibility to be resisted at all costs.

Should you disagree, that’s fine. But I would like to know what you believe an government that could not be opposed would do, given the opportunity.


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