Month: November 2012

It’s all sweetness and light (creamy filling) until Hostess closes the doors. Or is it?

Hostess vanAs with most things the mainstream media gets hold of, there’s more to the Hostess story than meets the eye. A quick scan of headlines will give the impression that striking bakers have cost all Hostess employees their jobs. A check on liberal sensibilities would indicate that it’s the greedy bastards at the top. But what really happened? Was it death by vulture capitalists? Or death by union thugs? (more…)


Want to secede? Are you really sure about that?

SecessionSomehow secession seems to be all the rage of late. I don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong. I can understand not liking it when your candidate doesn’t win. I can understand not liking it when a candidate you really dislike (for whatever reason, however serious or silly) wins instead. But secession? Really? (more…)

Is Rachel Maddow becoming the thing she hates?

Rachel Maddow caricature by Donkey HoteyAs anyone who follows current events via the so-called “liberal” media knows, much is made of the low-information voter. Well, by much I suppose I should say very little. Naturally, the term is at best condescending, at worst, pejorative. The low-information voter is, in essence, the voter that derives his or her opinion on the basis of reports from outlets such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Drudge Report, just to name a few examples. The case made is that the information provided by those outlets is either merely horribly distorted, out of context, distracting, spun out of control, flat out wrong, or intentionally deceptive. If it’s not true, if the argument is invalid, if the reasoning is unsound, then what is presented is simply not information. I leave it to the judicious reader to determine whether or not such a characterization is apt.

The unspoken complement to the low-information voter who gets the news from the other side would naturally be the high-information voter. “Get your news from us,” MSNBC may as well suggest, “and you may rest assured that you have a solid foundation upon which to build your political opinion.” In many respects, there appears, to my way of thinking, a significant element of truth to this. However, no self-respecting spin-doctor, regardless of position relative to the aisle, will point out that they frame their views very carefully for your consumption. They will make no mention of events upon which they do not want you to reflect. They will certainly not call your attention to their more covert below-the-belt punches. (more…)