Month: September 2012

Did Gateway Pundit just get Koch’ed up? Bill Gertz – White House Military Office hacked by China

Citation neededOh, how I love checking the news and finding a juicy headline so fresh that an hour hasn’t even elapsed since it first hit the Intertubes. I especially love it when I start with the first source I find and click through to their primary source only to find that it is a dead end with nary a reliable citation or identified source relevant to the substance.

Tonight’s adventure begins with Gateway Pundit:

Breaking: Chinese Hackers Break in to White House Military Office
Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, September 30, 2012 7:55 PM

With a headline like this, it’s gotta be good! (more…)


What happens when Denis Hamill mouths off about Ahmadinejad’s presence at the UN on Yom Kippur?

'Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur'' by Maurycy Gottlieb. Goyim collide.

Yesterday I had the misfortune of stumbling into this little bit of bigoted, hypocritical, inflammatory, and ignorant trash at the New York Daily News:

Ahmadinejad’s Yom Kippur UN speech an outrage for New York City

You simply do not invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a pure evil crackpot Holocaust denier who wants to see Israel obliterated from planet Earth, to the United Nations on Yom Kippur, a Day of Atonement, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.

Oh, the ironies abound here.

First would be Hamill’s apparent failure to understand the observance of Yom Kippur, for instance, as described at as part of the observance the day before: (more…)

Rick Santorum is a wonderful example…of what makes me see red

Rick Santorum, looking poutyBuzzfeed just dropped a gold nugget of pure, observational journalism on the Internet just a little bit ago:

Rick Santorum: Conservatives Will “Never Have The Elite, Smart People On Our Side”

Here is a perfect case of Rick Santorum doing an exemplary job of illustrating exactly what it is that drives me berserk about these crafty, manipulative, deceitful bags of shit cloaked in spurious piety.

“We will never have the media on our side, ever, in this country,” Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, told the audience at the Omni Shoreham hotel. “We will never have the elite, smart people on our side.”


It’s election time again, Christian America – now about those Ten Commandments, part IV

Ten CommandmentsPart IV of a series.

Today my ever-so-patient readers get off easy. Why? Because as cynical as I am, I simply am not psychic.

The fourth commandment (as per the previous posts, as reckoned by Catholicism) is:

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you.
Exodus 20:12 (NASB) 

Simply, I fail to find anything that would indicate that the parents of either Governor Romney or President Obama ever commanded them to govern or campaign as they do, or otherwise. (more…)

It’s election time again, Christian America – now about those Ten Commandments, part III

Ten CommandmentsPart III of a series.

Once again, it is time to challenge the gentle reader who votes on faith to take a good, hard look at the candidate for whom they intend to vote. Even as one who likely does not share your faith, I respect the importance this decision has for you. More than that, I respect the manner in which you need to make this decision, especially this year. For an observer looking at the choice and the nature of the choice from the outside, it seems you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I might not vote on faith, but I do vote on conscience. Trust me, it sure feels like an equally ugly decision.

As for today’s topic, the third of the Ten Commandments (as reckoned by Catholicism), I must confess…this one is awfully tricky. (more…)

It’s election time again, Christian America – now about those Ten Commandments, part II

Ten CommandmentsPart II of a series.

When last I ventured into the blogsophere, I had some opinions to share on the alleged righteousness of our two dominant candidates for President of the United States, through the lens of the first commandment. Today I’ll attempt a similar analysis by assessing them against the second Commandment, but first, a bit of what only appears to be a digression.

As anyone who has read my previous observations on American religious culture, particular on Christian culture, may guess, I have rather strong feelings on the matter. (more…)

It’s election time again, Christian America – now about those Ten Commandments, part I

Ten CommandmentsPart I of a series.

In just over two months it’s time to exercise your right, nay, your duty as an American citizen. Odds are good you’ve already made up your mind about which candidate gets your vote. But on what basis, exactly? As Dr. Denny points out in his latest missive,

We should be angry. We should be outraged. We should be furious at the unabashed effrontery of candidates for national office who lie directly to our collective face. But the sheer volume of repetitions of deceit, especially through the mass-mediated, billionaire-paid-for negative ads, arrives at our collective ears as so much endless white noise. (more…)