Month: July 2012

Horror in Aurora: Common decency vs. the media’s death paparazzi

Candlelight vigilLike millions of other Americans I first heard about the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado Friday morning. It was a sobering moment in the middle of my morning at work. Without more facts at my disposal, all I could do was think about the survivors and their families, even the family of the suspect in custody. I thought of the witnesses. I thought of the witnesses’ confidants. I thought of the employees. I thought of the first responders. I thought of people I know who may have been in the area. I thought of people that people I know may know who may have been there. When something horrible like this happens, the list of people to think of seems nearly infinite. This is the kind of event that leaves permanent scars on so many in so many ways. A survivor of my own traumas and intimate of other survivors, I could even then only guess at the pain and suffering felt by all involved. Work being work, however, I didn’t have the first-world luxury of distant rubbernecking and so didn’t hear any more of the massacre until later in the day. (more…)