Month: June 2012

Ars Skeptica endorses the wrong candidate for all the wrong reasons

Romney the DestroyerElection 2012. The most important election of the last four years. Maybe even the last twelve. Hell, maybe even the last 44. Before that and I’d have to rely entirely on hearsay. I mean, who can you really trust, right? It’ll certainly be the most important election of the next four years.

Our choice this year, barring some simply stellar dark horse candidate just about literally falling from the stars to fight dark money, boils down to a dyed in the wool 1%er who has yet to find a position he can stick to and…Mitt Romney. I bet you think I got that backwards, right? Insofar as any of President Obama’s policies have “worked” for anyone, they have a) demonstrated the seeming efficacy of Reagan-esque policy (unless you think this, too, is a house of cards just waiting for an ill, climate-disrupted wind to blow it down) and b) have worked exceedingly well for the inordinately wealthy who got that way by stacking the deck from which the house of cards is made. (more…)


Pop quiz: spin that answer

Reality is a spin free zoneQuick, what’s the correct conservative answer to the question, “what does 2 + 2 equal?”


What’s the correct liberal answer to the question, “what does 2 + 2 equal?”


*wrong answer buzzer sounds*

There are no correct “spun” answers to those questions. There are only answers that are objectively either right or wrong. End of story.

Most of the questions we encounter in the civil arena of gladiatorial politics are a bit more complicated than that, but really not so much as one might think. (more…)

Reckoning with a solidly right-wing America

Moist OwletA week ago, Glenn Greenwald performed an excellent dissection on a New York Times article about President Obama’s secretive anti-terrorist “death panels.” When Greenwald finished peeling back the skin, he aptly pinned a great many horrible hidden things with descriptive tags to help us see the inner blood and guts more clearly.

There is more pull-quote material, each quote more galling than the last, in the Greenwald article than one can shake a scalpel at. Just read it.

When the right wing of our fake political spectrum feels that Romney isn’t far enough to the right;

When the current Commander-in-Chief earns praise from his far-right predecessors for continuing their bloodiest policies; (more…)