Month: April 2012

Punk saved music. Can it save journalism?

Frank Balsinger aka Fr. AnathemaDr. Denny at Scholars and Rogues, a reputable voice for authentic journalism, occasionally shares insights into the industry that the Fourth Estate has become. As a non-authentic journalist/authentic non-journalist (circle one), I read his articles and am struck with a near-Gothic melancholy. The news on the state of the art reads like an elegy for a dying bride. I can almost hear the plaintive rain pattering on the windowpanes, see the water running down the glass in waves against a backdrop of weeping willows. What I do hear, figuratively, are bells, tolling. But for whom are they tolling?

At first glance, it’s easy to see that the bells are tolling for the news industry as many of us grew up with it. Some of us can actually remember going to quaint little metal boxes and stuffing nickels in one slot, dimes in another, to extract, on the honor system, one copy of the newspaper. (more…)


Did I see an Obama Romney Obamney composite?

Obamney CompositeI did, I did. I did saw a likeness.

So what hits the news last night?

Obama, Romney Say Admit Women to Augusta Golf Club

Oh, for crying out loud. I get that discrimination is bad. I get that discriminating against women is bad. But seriously? With all the discrimination running rampant across the country, from the endemic to the hyper-politicized, the President of the United States weighs in (by way of mouthpiece) on discrimination against a 1%er blue-chip CEO by an exclusive golf club. Okay, this is bad, too. On a list of bad things, maybe this is 49,518. Or lower.

Now I’m beginning to wonder just how many NASCAR owners the president is friends with. (more…)

Is Romney the new Obama or is Obama the new Romney? And does it matter?

Here’s my personal top 5 reasons to vote “None of the above” this November:

1. Mitt Romney
2. Rick Santorum
3. New Gingrich
4. Ron Paul
5. Barack Obama

I feel this way because I am a far-left progressive liberal. If there’s a better term for my political position, I haven’t found it yet, but I keep looking. I’d say maybe “democratic socialist”, except I’d actually be willing to put my support behind a candidate willing to govern from a center-to-left-of-center position. (more…)

War. On. Everything: the Republican prescription for America isn’t safe for anyone

[NSFW WARNING: Graphic content. You do NOT want to see the images here, but I think maybe you should.]

I’ve been wanting to write something deep, something analytical, something based on solid policy on the subject of the Republican war on everything, especially women and the poor, and just haven’t been able to do it. Why? Simple. There’s just too damned much material. I’m only one writer. I have but so many resources. I know only but so much, don’t have the experience, and have a list of excuses longer than Ron Jeremy’s arm. Besides, there are already millions and millions of dollars being poured into generating tons and tons of perfectly rational, articulate reasons why government needs to fund little things like health care for women and the poor, why government needs to regulate everything from what may be pumped into the air we breathe to the rapacious behaviors of bankers and power brokers.

Words. Words. Words. (more…)