Month: January 2012

Great googly moogly! Google ain’t gonna !#$*!$%’in like this

Expletive Deleted
Expletive Deleted

Expletive Deleted

Or, Allegations of America’s dirty little backwoods secret and Google won’t let their ads be placed on the newsfic coverage…

Since I’ve only got a few articles under my belt thus far, I feel like I can still beat the “new blogger” drum, at least for a while. I’d best enjoy this while the romance is still all hot and sticky. My posts should still throb with their burgeoning tumescence. Why, I’m so hot, my prose is even turgid. (more…)

Gallup poll provides for a dismal outlook for liberalism in US

Barely Balanced
If only the American electorate were so well balanced.

Obama’s 2012 prospects: now for the bad news
John Cassidy, The New Yorker
December 30, 2011

“Consider yet another survey from Gallup, released on Thursday, which examined the ideological views of about a thousand people, who were roughly equally divided between Democrats, Republicans, and independents. (Actually, there were slightly more independents.) Despite this relatively even partisan split, forty-two per cent of the respondents described themselves as “conservative” or “very conservative.” Thirty-seven per cent described themselves as “moderate,” and just nineteen per cent described themselves as “liberal” or “very liberal.” (more…)