GOP misses its golden moment: why impeach when they can censure?

Whose side are these guys on, anyway?

Who’s the jackass now?

Warning, with no apologies: f-bombs. More than a couple. Because they’re honest.

Calls for and thinly veiled threats of Obama’s impeachment are surely old hat by now. You’ve got a cast of All Stars, led by Darrel Issa since 2010, with such helpful boosters as Michael Burgess, Jon Kyl, James Ihofe, Jason Chaffetz, Tom Coburn, Blake Farenthold, and Kerry Bentivolio since then. What a sorry sack of clownshit. You’d think with their exhorbitant salaries, the 7-digit millions of dollars between them from campaign contributions, and a couple of law degrees in the mix, maybe at least one of them might have found both a) Google, and b) a set of yarbles. If talk is cheap, these guys are having a fucking rummage sale.

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Nestle sells you chocolate farmed by child slaves and is okay with that, because profit

What do Nestle and Zyklon B have in common?

As San Francisco Chronicle reports: U.S. court rules OK to sue chocolate firms over child slave labor

The companies, which also included Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill, were well aware – from their own frequent visits and independent studies – that they were selling the products of child slavery, but insisted on “finding the cheapest sources of cocoa,” said the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

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Frank Balsinger:

While Mr. Luttrell and I might not agree on every issue (and in reality, who does agree with anyone about everything?), I think he completely nailed this takedown of presumptive candidate Hillary. If the American people are going to have a real choice in the 2016 election, the right needs to run their very best candidate that best represents American interests, generally from a conservative perspective, and the left needs to run their very best candidate that best represents American interests, generally from a liberal perspective. I have seen no way in which Mrs. Clinton fits that description.

Originally posted on Arlin Report:

Hillary Clinton, who is not presently holding a public office but is campaigning for president under cover promoting her book.  Hillary, as a presidential candidate, what do you have to say about the Michael Brown shooting by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri?   Surely, one who likes to talk has something to say, something to add?

We’ve heard opinions, assumptions, ridiculous comments, accusations all without knowing the facts.   Hillary has been critical of Obama’s (non)foreign policy until the killing of a black teenager in a community lacking a solid structure of domestic policy.   Hillary what has your tongue, we’ve not heard from your- highness.  We the People need your encouraging word, your advice, your leadership (about bit my tongue off on that one) after all we aren’t intelligent enough to figure things out, make the right decision or do the right thing.  Hillary it was you that…

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Headline news nearly everywhere: Bergdahl transfer broke law – except at The Wire

Why the softball headline?

As I understand it, the purpose of a headline is to quickly and briefly call attention to a story. One of the biggest stories today ran the gamut left, right, and center could almost as well have been written with the words “GAO Bergdahl swap broke law” in no particular order:

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Leaving Facebook means this old dog needs to learn some new tricks

Facebook certainly has a dark side. Perhaps the darkest is its apparently indispensable nature.

For some folks, Facebook might just be indispensable.  Friends that I’ve talked to are actually flummoxed when asked what it would take for them to kick the habit. It’s their one stop shop. Believe me, I can see that. Days into the quit, and I’m feeling it.

Meanwhile, the blog must go on. While Facebook served up more than a heaping helping of suitable news every single day, I’ve got other resources, and I’m starting to add more.

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How do you know the collector you’re paying really owns your debt?

You don’t.

Just in case you don’t have enough to worry about already, here’s just one more thing: debt collectors and the twisted games they play. Trust me, you’ll want to invest the few minutes it takes to read this article from The New York Times Magazine. Odds are good the plot twist will surprise you, maybe even leave you a bit more sleepless than you already are. And for good reason.

Sure, those of us who have mastered the art of living within our means *ahemcoughsplutter* will never know the joys of being contacted by debt collectors. More power to you. May you never have an unplanned misfortune that changes that state of affairs. For the rest of us, debt collectors are a reality. An ugly one.

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Excerpt: A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier

The troops were stiled new levies, they were to go to New-York; and notwithstanding I was told that the British army at that place was reinforced by fifteen thousand men, it made no alteration in my mind; I did not care if there had been fifteen times fifteen thousand, I should have gone just as soon as if there had been but fifteen hundred. I never spent a thought about numbers, the Americans were invincible, in my opinion. If any thing affected me, it was a stronger desire to see them. p. 16

Ah, the courage of youth, backed with conviction and supplemented by a desire to be the equal of his peers, to say nothing of his yearning to get away from home.